Peterstown, West Virginia
healthy farm raised rainbow trout for stocking at a West Virginia fishery

Welcome to the Trout Farm at Rock Springs!

Located in the beautiful state of West Virginia, we specialize in raising healthy, high-quality trout for stocking creeks, ponds, and lakes. We take great pride in our sustainable farming practices and commitment to preserving the environment. Our West Virginia fishery is situated in a pristine area with crystal-clear water and abundant natural resources. Whether you’re a recreational fisherman or manage a commercial fishery, we have the Rainbow Trout you need. We offer different sizes of trout ranging from fingerlings to trophy-sized fish. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide expert advice on stocking and managing your fishery.

Baby trout swimming in stainless steel tank at a West Virginia fishery

Get any size trout you need from a sustainable source.

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Man stream fishing in West Virginia on a stocked trout creek

Get out in nature, cast a line, and enjoy simple, straightforward fishing year-round.

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Fish our stocked streams & ponds year round.

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Man in a West Virginia trout fishery

We Produce Better Fish, from Pond to Plate

We use only the highest quality feed to promote healthy growth and vibrant coloration, ensuring that our trout receive the best possible care and nutrition. Though the main ingredient to producing our great-tasting healthy fish is our clean, cold, and pure water source. And unlike many other trout farms, our cold ponds and creeks allow us to offer trout fishing year-round. We offer 6 catch-out ponds and 3/4 of a mile of private stream access that are stocked with feisty rainbow trout that vary in size. Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or fresh caught dinner for your table, we invite you to visit our West Virginia trout farm.

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