Peterstown, West Virginia
Mill House at Trout Farm at Rock Springs

An Authentic Fishing Destination in West Virginia

The story of this historical trout farm begins in 1904, when the Wilson family purchased and settled this beautiful, resource-rich land. They cleared the land and built the original Farmhouse that stands prominently in the center of the 150 acre property, expanding the home as the family grew – and grow it did! The Wilsons and their 14 children worked the land, taking advantage of the pure, cold, high out-put water source, which is the heart of this property. Together they built and operated the Wilson Mill, whose name lives on in Wilson Mill Road. Remnants of the old mill can still be found along the edge of the Trout Farm at Rock Springs.

Creek offering one of the best places to trout fish in WV

A Haven for Anglers

Around 1950, the Wilsons sold the property to the Mercer Angler’s Club. Recognizing the possibilities of the intrinsic water features of the property, they began clearing land and building the trout farm raceways and hatchery. It was run as a private membership sporting and fishing club, allowing its members to fish the cold water creek and ponds which were continually stocked with rainbow trout from the trout farm. After catching their fill, members could have their fresh catch cleaned and cooked for them. The Mercer Angler’s Club continued to expand the scope of the property by adding stone barbeques, camping and picnic areas, clay shooting platforms, a pavilion, and a full service restaurant.

man holding trout over net at our trout farm in West Virginia

Continuing the Tradition

In 1998, the son of the founder of Mercer Angler’s Club sold the property to local ranchers Jack and Ruth Vickers and their daughter and son-in-law, Renee and Scott Ryan. Scott is a friend and very talented carpenter who constructed many of the unique finishes in our antique log cabins at Four Fillies Lodge. These new owners continued to operate the trout farm under the name Rich Creek Trout Lodge. The restaurant became very well known for its popular weekend fish fries attended by the locals – we’re sure that’s because the trout grown in our cold waters have a superior, clean taste! The property was sold again in 2007, but reverted back to the Vickers and Ryans in 2014.

Cabin on stream with stocked trout fish in WV

A New Era of Trout Farming

In 2015, we visited and fell in love with the property that is now Four Fillies Lodge. Our main interest in the land was its gushing water source, which we re-named Rock Springs. It provides a pristine and pure 4,000 gallons of cold water per minute, and is the headwater of Rich Creek, which flows through Lindside and Peterstown, WV. We then purchased the former Rich Creek Trout Lodge in 2021, and named it Trout Lodge at Rock Springs. Renovations to the hatchery and log cabins began immediately, followed by cleaning and updating the raceways. We have plans to enhance our fun, family experience, by incorporating a tropical theme inspired by our Florida roots. We can’t wait to share it with you!

school of trout