Peterstown, West Virginia
Man in a West Virginia trout fishery

Get High Quality Trout from Our Sustainable Farm

Whether you’re a recreational fisherman or manage a commercial fishery, we have the trout you need, and we’re committed to helping you create a successful and sustainable fishery. Our trout are carefully raised and continuously evaluated to provide optimal conditions, including monitoring water quality and feeding them a specialized, high-quality feed. By adhering to these rigorous practices, we ensure that our trout are not only healthy and delicious, but also raised in a way that is environmentally responsible. Our experts are here to help you in any way we can.

Baby trout swimming in stainless steel tank at a West Virginia fishery
Tiny Trout to Trophy Sized

Our expertly raised trout are available from fingerlings to trophy sized. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your fishery to the next level, we have the fish you need.

water rolling over rocks in trout stocked stream
A Superior Water Source

Our cold, clear, pure, oxygen rich water makes all the difference. It’s sourced from our own Rock Spring that’s located deep in Rich Creek Cave, and it’s what sustains our quality trout.

Man holding rainbow trout from Rock Springs farm in West Virginia

Ordering Information

We currently operate on a pick-up-only basis. Please provide at least a one week lead time from order to pick up. Orders are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend ordering ahead of time. Check with your state’s regulatory authority before stocking fish to see if any permits are required and to ensure it’s legal in your area.

We accept payment in the form of cash or check. Orders must be paid in full prior to, or at the time of pick up. To place your order, call (304) 888-3174, email, or fill out our inquiry form. Pricing is $3.50 per lb with a 100 lb minimum.

school of trout